We offer our services to all those who wish to read old documents:

  • to everyone who wishes to read family documents, such as diaries, letters, cookbooks, and every handwritten document written in Kurrent script.
  • to lawyers who need to read contracts, land-register entries, wills and all administrative documents,
  • to genealogists and professional probate-researchers who wish to read birth-certificates, baptism-certificates etc.

Transkriptum offers a wide range of services. As a basic service, we will transcribe documents without any alterations:

  • line break and page break will be maintained
  • spelling will be maintained (including retrograde forms, e.g. Thür instead of Tür)
  • abbreviations, measures and currencies will be maintained
  • omissions and misspellings will not be altered

An extended service can be obtained on demand. Here, we will explain:

  • loan words and proper names
  • abbreviations of measures, currencies, polite phrases, etc.
  • all expressions unfamiliar to readers today

If you wish, we will provide an explanatory summary of the historical context necessary to understand the given document and create an index.

All transcribed documents can be delivered via E-Mail, as CD-ROM, pdf-document or print-out. Please contact us to get your individual service!